Im really starting to like this app :)
  1. PRAYED MORE. 🙏🏻
  2. Waited around for so long for that boy i madly loved to realize that I AM WORTH A SERIOUS RELATIONSHIP, and more! (continuous heartbreak) 💔
  3. Told that boy i WAS MADLY IN LOVE WITH HIM & STILL HOPED FOR US TO BE TOGETHER. (should've told em' you belong with meeee)
  4. NOT bought and ate all those chocolates from Trader Joes... (were those 4 cavities REALLY worth it?) 🙄
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  5. Not spent all my money on food but then again, its FRIKKIN FOOD 🤗🍴🍕
  6. Gone to the gym more, or exercise for that matter.
  7. Put more money in my savings account...(that would've helped out a lot when i lost my job)
  8. cried more, not hold everything in and be emotionless.
  9. Check the time on my metered parking!!! (8 tickets later, i def learned my lesson))
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  11. Stood up for myself more because WTH, im nice but DONT U DARE TAKE ADVANTAGE!
  12. Traveled more, that's for sure.
  13. Tried new food joints around town
  14. Gone to the beach more than once. ☀️🌊
  15. Not led any boys on, or maybe i should've kept my distance from the male kind.
  16. Ate less meat.
  17. LET LOVE IN AGAIN, forget the past and let someone new care for me and love me! (really tho)
  18. Downloaded this app sooner.