If you're not familiar, the LetGo app is supposed to be like a quick way to get rid of your shit, a fast eBay I guess. Take a few pics, add a description, locals see your junk for sale. I posted 6 ads yesterday evening, hoping to clear out the garage. Below are actual, real replies and conversations I've had with actual grown adults.
    "FREE queen size box spring, 2 years old but barely used as that room was mostly unoccupied. FREE to the first person who gets it out of my garage. Did I mention it's Freeeeee!?!?!?"
  2. 1st Reply:
  3. 2nd Reply:
    "How big is it?"
  4. 3rd Reply:
    "I can pick up tomorrow morning"
  5. Me:
    "What time?"
  6. Her Reply:
    "Sometime in the morning"
    "2010 Trek 4 Series Mtn Bike, 38 actual miles. Never ridden on dirt, only pavement. One small scratch from moving it house to house. Aside from that one scratch it's literally in brand new condition, cost $800 new and I'm pretty firm on $200."
  8. 1st Reply:
    "I give $100 if fits my size and perfect like you say, otherwise I give you less"
  9. Me:
    "Go F yourself"
  10. 2nd Reply:
    "What brand is bike?"
  11. Me:
    "Trek, as it says in the title of the ad and the description."
  12. His Reply:
  13. Me:
    "whut whut?"
  14. Him:
    "brand is terk?"
  15. Me:
    "Like holy fuck!"
    "FREE folding bed frame for queen size bed. I think it was $99 when I bought it new two years ago - it's FREE to the first person to come get it cuz I want it out of my garage."
  17. 1st Reply:
    "Still available? delivery?"
  18. Me:
    "Delivery of a FREE item???? Does my profile say Papa Johns on it?"
  19. 2nd Reply:
    "What size bed does it fit?"
  20. Me:
    "As it says in the ad, it fits a queen"
  21. His Reply:
    "What size is a queen?"
  22. Me:
    "Wow, you're actually NOT the same person that asked me "how big" is my queen bed, but an entirely DIFFERENT person asking the same question! You two should get off of LetGo and meet up on Tinder, cuz you two dipshits are made for each other. Want to see her profile pic??"
  23. Him:
    "you're not kool"
  24. Me:
    "How am I not cool? I'm trying to hook you up dude!!"
  25. Him:
    "I don't get it"
  26. Me:
    "What don't you get? I've found your perfect match, someone willing to have your ugly babies and cook homemade McDonalds for you! Exciting isn't it??!!"
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