1. Embarrassment. Especially when I scream when ND drops the ball in a buffalo wings restaurant when no one else was watching the game.
  2. Contempt. At everyone else who hates ND. Unfairly.
  3. Bad ass. Can that be an emotion? Whenever ND makes an awesome play.
  4. Lucky. Yep, most of the time I just feel lucky that ND is hanging on by the skin of their teeth.
  5. Rage. When someone suggests ND hasn't played anyone tough. Excuse me, show me your favorite team's tough schedule.
  6. Frustration. It's like we don't want to win! The fumbles. The face masks. The off sides.
  7. Love. Nothing but the never ending love thee Notre Dame.
  8. Blind optimism. Maybe we can just win with the luck of the Irish?????