I Went to Rock Smith State Park, Oregon

And it was amazing.
  1. I arrived about 30 minutes after dawn. There was a moment when I flew to DC for the first time and saw the Washington Monument from the air. Same type of feeling driving around a corner to see the start of the cliffs.
  2. Rock Smith State Park is known as a climber's paradise. I walked by a group of teens who were getting ready to climb and felt mildly intimidated.
  3. I was super content spending the hour and a half I had there walking the Wolf Tree Trail. There's another one called Misery Trail. So, that's an option for you too.
  4. From far away
  5. From not so far away
  6. It was a perfect morning and I can't wait until I get to go back again! If you're ever in Central Oregon, you should go!