I have not owned a pet as an adult. Probably because of the incredible guilt I have when a succulent dies.
  1. Holmes
    Best suited for a pet with long ears and erratic behavior. Rabbits clearly fit the bill but no, never, no thank you.
  2. Mango
    I would like to name a pet after my favorite fruit.
  3. Gus Gus
    Best suited for a chubby dog with short legs. Inspired by a mouse that wears clothes that are too small.
  4. Cuppy
    Best suited for a melancholy animal. Or a dog with very sad eyes.
  5. Herring
    This is the last name of one of my friends. I don't think it works very well for a human's first name. Also, this is a good name for a non-fish for ironic purposes.
  6. Alberta
    Alba, for short. Named after one of my favorite streets in Portland. Best suited for a dog that looks comfortable hanging outside a coffee shop.