This list started as a result of asking myself if I can take Rob Ryan seriously. Then it turned into a list of some other NFL coaches I trust or don't trust.
  1. Mike McCarthy
    I don't trust him. Based on the NFC Championship in 2015 and mostly on how he throws this challenge flag.
  2. Chuck Pagano
    He looks sad here. But I trust him. He's been through a lot.
  3. John Harbaugh
    Yes. I trust John Harbaugh. I don't trust his brother.
  4. Jim Harbaugh
    John's brother. Not in the NFL anymore. Do not trust him. Trust his Twitter feed though.
  5. Rob Ryan
    I don't trust him. I read this article by Jenny Vrentas today and I can't take him seriously.
  6. Jim Caldwell
    I trust Jim Caldwell to be always very Jim Caldwellish.
  7. Chip Kelly
    I don't trust him. I can't take him seriously in the NFL.
  8. Jeff Fisher
    I sorta trust Chris Burke. I do not trust Jeff Fisher.
  9. Jason Garrett
    I don't trust Jason Garett! I don't. I couldn't put my finger on it but then this GIF summed it up well.
  10. Bill Belichick
    Excellent coach. Brilliant. I don't trust him. I do not trust him.
  11. Pete Carroll
    I trust Pete Carroll so much. I would trust him with my life.