1. Michael Jackson Bad tour
    That's how it's done.
  2. Prince purple rain tour
    Prince was on top of the world that year and I was fat and dressed in head to toe purple like a motherfucker
  3. U2 under the blood red sky tour
    Nothing fancy. They just crushed it to the point that I still think about it.
  4. Frank Sinatra at the circle line theater
    What charisma.
  5. Coldplay at the Hollywood bowl
    Goof on them all you want those boys can put on a show.
  6. Jay-z at the staples center
    Sinatra level charisma.
  7. Budweiser superfest at the coliseum
    Shots were fired when mc hammer hit the stage
  8. INXS at the agoura ballroom
    That perfect combination of band becomes bigger than the venue after the show was already on the books. I'm so old y'all!
  9. Yes 90125 tour
    First time I ever got stoned. I was in a skybox and locked myself in the bathroom with a bowl of jelly bellys.
  10. New edition at the forum
    Memorable because I went with a group of friends and we had to jump over a fence after to get back to our car and everyone hopped over like it was nothing and I couldn't do it and so we had to walk like a mile and everyone hated me for it.