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  1. My first tip is to listen to the sample of the narration. If you don't like the way the narrator sounds don't buy it. A great narrator is key. Just FYI I count listening as reading.
  2. Get into whispersync
    whispersync is an Amazon feature where if you buy the the kindle book they will sell you the audible book for a reduced price and somehow Amazon keeps them in sync so you can go back and forth between listening and reading. Go to this page for the deets and watch the video//
  3. I don't think audiobooks work for fiction unless you're on a road trip. I also don't like them for hardcore spiritual books. Also I kind of barely read fiction anymore but I'm seeing so many great fiction lists (like the one you wrote!) on here maybe I'll get inspired.
  4. Getting Things Done by David Allen is absolutely brilliant. It's a complete system for being organized the guy is a genius. He also narrates the book perfectly he's a real charmer.
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  5. I also like an audiobook for a real dense biography. I just finished the Steve Jobs biography by Walter isaacson and I have the Einstein one in the queue. It's very well narrated by Dylan Baker
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  6. The Kid Stays In The Picture by Robert Evans is the single greatest audiobook of all time. He went off the cuff for the whole thing and it's just the greatest thing ever.
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  7. I listen to tons of business books. I'm listening to Getting To Yes right now by the founders of the Harvard Negotiating Project about the art of negotiating. They help me in my job and we are all negotiators everything is a negotiation.
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  8. I also like an audiobook when it's a book from a comedic actor or actress because you get to hear them read their material and it's a nice bonus. Steve Martin is an amazing writer and I loved his memoir Born Standing Up and I think it was even better on audio.
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  9. Also David Sedaris is a great narrator but you should read them too because his writing is so incredible
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  10. this was fun I can't wait to listen to another audiobook thanks for the ask please tell me some of your favorites okay gotta go
  11. Neil Gaiman reads all his own audiobooks and his voice is seductive and the "acting" is subtle. My favorite is definitely his reading of Neverwhere but they're all exceptional.
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  12. I like using audiobooks to listen to popular fiction I won't have/make time to read otherwise. Embarrassing disclosure: that's how I did the Twilight series.
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  13. Actor Will Patton is an excellent audiobook reader
    Jesus' Son a tremendously great way to spend a few hours, and he's recorded tons. See the "voice work" section here//
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  14. Rob Lowe's autobiographies
    Read by the author who does great (?) imitations of many of his famous co-workers
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