Seeing a lot of good advice from parents on this spaceship so I thought I'd add some of my fathers nuggets on here. He casts a tall shadow here's some of what I've learned from him:
  1. Not everyone's going to like you that's not your problem
    My dad always says if you're making any substantial amount of money someone out there hates you and it's not your problem. It means you're doing something right just keep going.
  2. There's still room to shine by doing the little things well
    My father is always the guy with the perfect gift for someone, he remembers everyone's birthday and he calls them, and if he sees your name in the paper he's going to circle it and mail it to you. He does all the little things better than anyone I've ever seen.
  3. Be consistent
    You have to do your job when no one's looking, when you don't know where your next paycheck is coming from, and when you don't feel like it. You have to keep going because one day it's all going to come together. This is another big one for him.
  4. "Hark not the sound of distant drums. Take the cash"
    Know when someone's offering you a good deal and don't over-negotiate. If you have something or happen to come into high demand take the money don't be silly.
  5. Negotiate to the best of your abilities but sometimes you have to pony up
    On the flip side, he always says "if you love something and your dream price to pay is a million dollars you can't hate it for 1.2". He's right sometimes you have to pay up.
  6. Never eat lunch alone
    I wish I did this one but I usually eat lunch alone. But I'd be better off if I networked more. My father is always at the right restaurants. He tips the maitre d going in and he tips them on the way out. Every time. And he buys them Christmas presents! He says it's worth it because he can always get someone in at the last minute and it comes in handy for him in business. Your network is your net worth he's always saying. I hate the way that sounds but I think he's right.
  7. Nothing lasts forever
    Change is normal so don't be afraid of it.