Ahem @Goldie
  1. If you're in traffic on Santa Monica heading west to east, get on charleville just before the peninsula hotel and take it all the way to beverly drive and beyond
  2. If you're stuck in traffic on Santa Monica headed east to west head north and get on Carmelita or elevado.
  3. The reason Beverly Hills works for locals is the parking
    It's the same reason why Westwood failed. Plenty of two hour free parking all over the place. One that not many know about and is usually empty is the one the montage had to build to get their building permit right in front of the public courtyard on canon just north of Wilshire.
  4. Public bathrooms, ranked
    The montage, The peninsula, The Beverly Hills hotel, Saks
  5. The Lucerne hardware store is pleasantly small and has a handyman service
    Call them up tell them the problem they'll send out a handyman. You're welcome listers
  6. Save money by buying "like new" watches from Phillipe.
    He's a grey market high end watch dealer right next to the grill who I've always found to be very trustworthy. As my dad always says you don't wear the box or the papers.
  7. Super care drugs has the best customer service of any pharmacy I've ever used.
    They call your doctors for refills without being asked and also deliver
  8. Taschen for coffee table book heaven
  9. The South beverly grill has a great veggie burger
  10. I love the menu at cabbage patch and also good for takeouts for big groups family style
  11. Brooklyn bagel
    For bagels, self serve iced coffee with coffee ice cubes and the make your own egg cream bar with u-bet chocolate syrup. Also 100 percent chance you'll see Larry King in the morning with his cronies if he's in town.
  12. The Spanish latte and omelettes and salads at urth on south beverly
  13. Momed for light Turkish food also good for family style takeout parties
  14. Judis deli on Bedford for date shakes
  15. Brighton coffee shop
    Charming LA version of a coffee shop owned by a Korean family so you can get everything from pancakes and eggs to bibimbop to salmon teriyaki. Also, fajitas!
  16. Go greek
    The best fanciest yogurt shop. Could be a lunch or a snack check it out
  17. Kreation organic cafe
    I love this place! Great pressed juices and smoothies and very healthy foods.
  18. Panini cafe
    For lentil soup and kabobs and the hummus platter
  19. Sprinkles
    I don't like the ice cream but the cupcakes are ridiculous. If you don't see a line get a sixer and think of someone to give it to later.
  20. The bagel nosh
    I guess it's called the nosh now but it's the bagel Nosh. A perfectly good deli with nice bagels and easy to take the kids. Sometimes they have a magician at night performing magic.
  21. St urbain street bagels
    For the "flagels" which are bagels that are flattened out like they've been run over by a bus. Delicious.
  22. The cheese store of Beverly Hills
    Maybe the best cheese shop anywhere? Dominick has great Pestos and tapenades you can do a bunch with at home like use as a base for salad dressings and everyone will think you made it from scratch. Wolfgang puck buys his marinara sauce
  23. Nate n als
    Has the best matzoh ball soup. Great to get this to go and set up as a matzoh ball bar with chopped kale, cilantro, red chile flakes, parsley, chicken and carrots so people can make their own.
  24. Vosges chocolates
    For crazy chocolate combinations and a great coffee bar in the back with blue bottle coffee and homemade almond milk
  25. Yojisan
    My favorite sushi in the city. The guy can do anything either very traditional and restrained or creative.
  26. The burger of the moment is at wallys vinoteca on canon. Also great sandwiches.
    This place is killing it because they serve the wine at wine shop prices not restaurant prices
  27. Scarpetta sandwich shop
    A little window outside of scarpetta with incredible over engineered sandwiches that you eat outside
  28. Canon drive is home to five great italian restaurants
    I baldi might have the best food but is the most uncomfortable. Il pastaio is so crowded and gets hounded by paparazzi but the food is great and sometimes you're in the mood for it. Via alloro has the most comfortable seating but is a little less chic. They have a great happy hour too. La Scala is a red sauce joint with the famous chopped salad. And scarpetta is great if you're in the mood for fine dining.
  29. Mulberry street pizza
    For slices off the freshy served with the New York post
  30. The American tea room has the best smoothie bar that no one goes to.
    The matcha tea blaster is made with sweetened matcha, almond milk, greek yogurt, cucumbers, avocado and mint.
  31. M cafe for macrobiotic food which somehow involves awesome french fries? Also great juice and healthy desserts.
  32. Mr chow
    I still love it and it's always your best chance for your out of town guests to see Madonna.
  33. Joss
    Has incredible chinese food. It's the size of a closet across the street from the peninsula but great for takeouts. Also a great lunch special.
  34. Xian for great day in day out chinese where you can also order healthy.
    The sizzling rice soup is my favorite
  35. The Avalon hotel has a nice lunch if you want something different and want to sit by a pool
  36. The montage rooftop serves lunch and they have good halibut tacos
  37. Spago
    For out of town serious foodies, this is still the most important restaurant in Los Angeles.
  38. Beverly Hills has too many great steak restaurants.
    Cut is probably the best and the room was designed by Richard meier.
  39. Urasawa
    Supposed to be incredible sushi but I've never been. I'm gonna make Bj take me when this thing hits.
  40. This is where I work
  41. this is all I know about Beverly Hills really.
  42. Sushi Yu-N-MI
    Make an agent from UTA take you here for lunch during the week!
    Suggested by @Goldie