Thank you @lenadunham for thinking of me when you think of bread! Please keep the lists coming.
  1. Ezekiel Bread
    This is really the only bread one needs in life. It's extremely healthy. You can eat it for breakfast with peanut butter and bananas or with cream cheese or whatever. You can have it for lunch as a sandwich bread. It's good for pizzas..And you can even put Nutella on it and that's your dessert right there. I've done all these things a million times and I still love it. And it's gwyneth approved! And it's biblical, which is less important to me than it being gwyneth approved.
  2. A nice seeded rye sliced thin from a quality deli
    Like a Nate n ALS or one of those good delis. When you have a nice fresh rye in the house they can't fuck with you you da boss.
  3. Focaccia from where I'm from in Connecticut
    I don't know why, but where I'm from in Connecticut-- the not very glamorous Hartford area--they serve focaccia at every nice restaurant. Whenever I go home to visit i get right on that focaccia train, and it's a train I don't Iike to get off of! And ginger ale. We love our ginger ale up in Hartford.
  4. A baguette
    The top of a nice freshy am I right?
  5. A nice ciabatta from la brea bakery you get at whole foods at the last minute
    You can spend all day slaving in the kitchen making a million things for a dinner party and then at the last minute slice open a ciabatta and rub it with garlic and olive oil and throw it on the grill for like 5 seconds and then throw salt on it and it's all anyone will eat. Like the ciabatta is gone, everyone's full, and you have no room in your fridge for all the leftovers. Ps I stopped having people over which is a shonda.
  6. Any of the Ezekiel spinoffs
    The english muffins. The tortillas. The cinnamon raisin. The sesame. The pita. I love them all.
  7. A nice chocolate croissant
    Can bring me to my orgasm. Hi everybody!
  8. The Challah my daughter brings home with her every Friday from school but really any challah
    I have a strict "no challah" challah policy, because it's a trigger food for me. It's literally a drug. One time I picked goldie up at school and I was starving so I broke the bag open and I swear to god I ate the whole thing in like 6 seconds. It's the most delicious thing in the world and I haven't had it in a long time and it's better this way. Ranking it low because it's not practical and after I eat it I want to kill myself.
  9. The chocolate chip pretzel challah from Got Kosher! on pico
    This is a real thing and it's the best. It's the barbra Streisands nose of the bread world. I would rank it higher but it's even less practical than a regular challah.
  10. Clark Street Bread at the Grand Central Market is pretty great. Get the country white boule or really anything. Over the past two years LA has really come out as a contender, we can definitely throw down with the crumb.
    Suggested by @joshthecook
  11. Try the baguette @ Republique and when they ask what kind of butter you want upgrade to the salted French. I can do a baguette and a 1/2 w/ butter easily in one sitting.
    Suggested by @joshthecook
  12. Kings Hawaiian (drops mic)
    Suggested by @jgmosko