1. George clooney
    Chicken parmesan from dan tanas
  2. Robert Wagner
    Spare ribs and chicken lo mein from Twin Dragon
  3. Luke Wilson
    Bison burger from True Foods Kitchen
  4. Samantha ronson
    New York steak and creamed spinach from mastros
  5. Bruce Jenner
    Josie Maran argan oil from larchmont beauty supply; Jamba Juice protein berry pizzazz smoothie
  6. Jay z and Beyonce
    Egg pasta with black truffles from il pastaio
  7. Cher
    The works cheeseburger and chili fries from Astroburger
  8. Steve Martin
    Glow smoothie and bee pollen from Kimberly snyders glow bio smoothie bar
  9. Rihanna
    Lobster ravioli from i baldi
  10. Mindy kaling
    Banh mi sandwich from gjelina take away, citrus 2 from pressed juicery, donut holes from stans
  11. Lena Dunham
    Lobster roll on a GF bun and fries from Connie and teds, 6 pack of tube socks and benadryl from target
  12. Lisa kudrow
    Cobb salad from bistro garden in studio city; dr lancer skin care products
  13. Courtney cox
    Pinks hot dog; obagi skin care products
  14. Jackie Collins
    Jewish pizza from spago
  15. Norman Lear
    Tongue sandwich from Arts
  16. Barbra Streisand
    Grilled vegetable salad and extra squaw bread from the ivy at the shore
  17. Ali Segel
    Sugarfish trust me special and an immunity boost shot from juice crafters
  18. Jimmy kimmel
    Bouchon fried chicken
  19. Jack black
    Mamas and papas pizzeria pizza and fonuts
  20. Kyle gass
    KFC family meal
  21. Khloe kardashian
    Spanish latte from urth caffe
  22. Rod Stewart
    Veal piccata from Madeo
  23. Drew Barrymore
    Crossroads meatballs and a peanut butter cookie from real food daily
  24. Julia Roberts
    Plank salmon from pace
  25. Charlize Theron
    Caprese sandwich from Joan's on third and chocolate edibles from the pharmacy
  26. Bill maher
    Lobster mac and cheese from Boa
  27. Leonardo dicaprio
    Pasta mama and a strawberry lemonade from Hugos
  28. Leslie Grossman
    Power zone rice and won ton soup from xians
  29. Heidi Klum
    The fat pilgrim and an Oreo cookie milkshake from Fat Sal's
  30. Bob Evans
    Caesar salad Bob Evans style (small dice) and a filet mignon from the palm
  31. Zoe Kazan
    Stone rose creamery churro ice cream and a squash blossom pizza from milo and olive
  32. Check back often I'm gonna keep adding to this