@jennikonner hey girl
  1. Jim Carrey at SNL
  2. Jesse Jackson
  3. Jack Lalanne
    My dad promoted a fitness expo in Hartford, ct and made him put me on a diet. He hated gummy bears.
  4. Chuck Berry
  5. Jerry Lee Lewis
    The Killer
  6. The Beach boys
  7. Hall & Oates
    My personal favorite
  8. Paul Newman
  9. The queen
  10. The rose
  11. Pia Zadora
    This is a funny story
  12. 🎤the way. We. Werrrrrrre🎤
  13. Andre the Giant
    I know
  14. Phil Mickelson
  15. Jordan
  16. Bird
  17. Magic
  18. Steve Mizerak
    The Miz.
  19. Ted Kennedy
    This was a great handshake.
  20. This is Howard Cosell
    And me!
  21. Bill Cosby
  22. Charlie Chaplin
  23. Jimmy Goldstein
    Present day
  24. Okay this was healing happy Sunday