Cuz I just noticed I'm starting to develop some.
  1. 118 hearts
    These I give away like they give away the candy on Whittier drive on Halloween because they free.
  2. 26 relays
    Half of them occurred within the first 2 hours of being on this thing because I thought at first it was the do over button because it looks like a reverse sign 🔁 and I haven't been on Twitter really in a few years
  3. Over 600 comments
    Couldn't begin to count and I love them all and I'm not stopping I don't care how many sublists da OG's write
  4. 5 list requests
    I don't know yet if this is a big number or a small number but this is my favorite feature so I'm telling everybody when it goes out of beta in 3 days that it was my idea
  5. Drafts
    18. Got two all ready to go but I'm testing out timeslots and my clickybaits
  6. People from Ct
    3 that I'm aware of
  7. People who like golf
  8. People from Maine
    1. some girl who's obsessed with Matt lauer and doesn't know where lobster rolls come from