Full disclosure I'm the CEO of the clean program and @ale works for me full time as my personal physician.
  1. So basically this program is two special shakes a day and one meal of the easiest foods for your body to digest and pizza isn't one of them
    And you get to snack too but you have to give your body a full 12 hours at night before your morning meal so not much night time eating
  2. I woke up and made a shake with the clean powder, coconut water, mangoes, shredded coconut, and cardamom
    If Steve jobs made a cleanse this is what it would look like. The kit made me feel like a celebrity I'm not gonna lie. You get this chic packet of pills and a probiotic for each meal. And the shake was incredible. This was a recipe I got out of the booklet that comes with the kit and it was so good! I could do this is what I thought I could just eat these shakes the whole day I'll be fine
  3. At work I had some cashew nuts
    I wasn't really hungry I was just excited I identified a food that is allowed on the program.
  4. For lunch I made a shake with almond milk, the clean shake mix, almond butter, blueberries, and some wheat grass powder
    You're supposed to go shake lunch shake but I had dinner on the books with my family so I went shake shake dinner. The shake is delicious again! And I took the pills again. I have no idea what they do but I'm going with it
  5. In the Afternoon I had a matcha tea
    You're not supposed to have caffeine but you can have matcha because it's the good caffeine I guess? I'm not gonna argue about it
  6. All day I kept telling myself if @esther could do this program I could do it because I think we're kind of alike? In the food department at least?
  7. I wasn't hungry until I got home at 5:45 and then I was starving real quick
    I had some pretzels I found at erewhon that are made with clean approved ingredients like millet and stuff and some hummus. Plus a few nuts.
  8. For dinner my wife leslie made salmon and brussel sprouts which was Awesome and I made a Kale salad with vegan Caesar salad dressing, and brown rice pasta with olive oil walnuts and lemon
    I probably ate too much but at least it was all good food
  9. The brown rice pasta was actually really good!
    I honestly didn't miss regular pasta. there's a ton of stuff you can eat on this program and having to think about it made me more creative I love the way this pasta dish came out. DO YOU GUYS THINK IM WEIRD BECAUSE I LIKE TO COOK??
  10. Here's a picture of the box of the pasta you should definitely buy some its awesome
  11. I just took a magnesium supplement called natural calm.
    its supposed to help you have a great bathroom experience but I took two teaspoons at once before I read the label which said I'm supposed to gradually work up to two teaspoons so I'm really looking forward to tomorrow!
  12. Okay talk soon