@sophia thanks for thinking of me when you think of dieting. Here's a few I invented I know there's a few more im forgetting
  1. The one course diet
    This is when you go out to eat and you can eat whatever you want but you can only have one course. Very effective. Especially for the dessert lovers out there because they can have an ice cream sundae if they want its up to them. I can make this into a book but this is about it.
  2. The ravioli diet
    I'm not ready to disclose this one its my money maker
  3. The Soup Diet
    This is when you write down on a piece of paper the five things that are making you fat and then you replace all of them with a bowl of dairy free soup. The actual writing down of the foods is very important because when you see it written out in your own handwriting it's very powerful.
  4. Juice all day fielders choice for dinner
    I invented this one back in the jack lalanne days. If you drink juice all day it shrinks your stomach and then you can order a steak but it's hard to finish it
  5. Weight watchers with an intermittent fast on top
    This is when you do weight watchers but one day a week you don't eat anything. Prepare to lose 4 pounds a week with this one.
  6. The Sunday night spa hack
    I did this one with @joshthecook we hacked out a spa menu so you can do all your prep work in a few hours on a Sunday and then on weeknights you can have a spa meal on the table in less than five minutes. It worked but we only got a week into it and then josh and I got into a fight which I take full responsibility for and I couldn't do it without him because he's the cook. But we did get one great week of menus together it totally works.
  7. The Breakfast for dinner diet
    This one also works. It's easy to eat a healthy breakfast so you just eat breakfast for breakfast and for dinner. And if it's a red carpet week for you there's nothing wrong with tripling up on breakfast.