@bjnovak thanks for the list request! Keep sending me the requests okay?
  1. The OG Ezekiel bread a/k/a the orange one
  2. The OG with sesame seeds a/k/a the green one
    Works with pizza for some reason as well as all your nut butters
  3. The cinnamon raisin a/k/a the purple one
    The king of breakfast. Gives me the 70's vibes
  4. The pita
    Good for changing it up and getting middle eastern on things when you're midway through your third week of weight watchers.
  5. The hamburger bun
    If you're single, bring these and some veggie burgers to the next barbecue you're invited to and get ready for the digits!
  6. The hot dog bun
    Same as above but bring tofu pups! Wait maybe don't do this one. Bring turkey dogs maybe!
  7. The english muffins
    Not bad if you burn them a bit
  8. The tortillas
    They're not great but you'll be glad they're around for week 7 or later of weight watchers if you're still in the game.
  9. The pastas/the cereals/whatever else they make
    Take a hard pass on all of them.