Thank you @natasha how did you ever know I like list requests? Other than the shakes it's only been 10 meals
  1. If you haven't been to glow bio smoothie it is my favorite smoothie bar of the moment.
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    The kale Caesar salad and the raw cocoa truffles are amazing and both clean approved
  2. My wife who is pretty much annoyed by my eating becauSe I'm on a new diet every week has been very supportive and made this cauliflower and garbanzo beans from gwyneth PALTROWS cookbook it's all good
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  3. She also made the gwyneth roast chicken. Delicious
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  4. This is avocado and the leftover GWYNETH chicken stuffed into a cucumber and then sprayed down with liquid aminos.
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    I learned this trick right here on list app from @ale
  5. Grilled salmon with arugula and grilled asparagus
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    I was hungry like an hour later but it was still good
  6. For snacks I like pressed juicery coconut greens h20
  7. Also cashew butter is a lifesaver.
  8. I've noticed most food even veggies, unless you order them very plain, restaurants are hooking up with sugars, or glazes
    Being on this program for 10 days when I eat a vegetable that's been prepared without all the sauces they really taste like a plant. I'm used to it now but the first couple of days I was like "this carrot is so earthy"
  9. It's completely doable
    I'm a fatty from another dimension and if you told me I would be okay without grains or sugar or anything a week ago it would sound so extreme. It feels kind of normal and fine once you you are a couple days into the vibe as @sophia would say. Sometimes I just want to pound food out of sadness or boredom but I have no cravings.