1. You Made It Weird interview with Deepak Chopra
    After listening to this I feel like I understand how the universe works. My life isn't any different but I like knowing.
  2. Dr. Dan Siegel on the Dr. Drew podcast
    UCLA psychiatrist and head of the mindsight institute Dr Dan Siegel on how to objectively view your emotions and gather yourself instead of going berserk or stuffing yourself with almond butter.
  3. Rick Rubin interviewed by Tim Ferris on the Tim Ferris show
  4. You Made It Weird interview with Jon Hamm
    @natasha you're welcome
  5. Ken Burns in Conversation with Stephen Colbert
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    Suggested by @samboyd
  6. Catherine O'Hara on WTF
    The best!!!
    Suggested by @alexandrafiber
  7. "Harris Wittels Returns" on You Made It Weird
    Suggested by @madreezy
  8. Terry Gross on WTF
    Suggested by @marinsmith
  9. Billy Joel interviewed by Alec Baldwin on Here's the Thing
    Suggested by @dean