@richardrushfield thanks for the list request I'm so honored that you thought of me! Hmmm let me think....
  1. Ask yourself what you're in the mood for?
    If you can't decide what you're in the mood for maybe give your tummy a rub? Or use the breathing technique that I just learned from @ouizoid. Can't hurt.
  2. Always only order what's in season
    Once you learn to only order what's in season you'll always have the best thing at the table. You'll probably feel healthier too. Here's a handy chart I just googled for you http://bit.ly/1H1i16Y
  3. Don't reinvent the wheel
    Don't go to a steakhouse and order fish. Unless you're at a very special restaurant just try to hit base hits up the middle.
  4. Once in awhile break rule #3
    You might be pleasantly surprised and this can lead to a real ordering break through.
  5. If the restaurant has a real wood oven make sure whatever you order was cooked in it
    Don't screw this one up
  6. If the waiter says something like "the chef is excited about x", then get that
    🎤🎤The chef is excited🎤🎤. This has to be a good thing
  7. If you have to pay for bread it will always be the best bread ever.
    Like the biscuits at gulfstream
  8. Always get the sundae
  9. Okay have fun out there don't do anything I wouldn't do