Day 10 of my cleanse fyi. Also I realize I list too much I'm not good at being cool.
  1. Umami burger
    Lives up to the hype for me and the fact that they are in pursuit of some esoteric japanese flavor alchemy makes perfect sense. We should be looking to all corners of the world to make hamburgers better because hamburgers deserve nothing less
  2. Roscoes chicken n waffles
    Naively, I never knew chicken and waffles was a thing but they go so perfect together. I love the pico location just after the lunch rush for the obama special
  3. Sushi nozawa
    When this first hit and there were lines around the block. Just the way he controlled everything and showed us the importance of the correct sequence and what to sauce and what to leave alone. We were all better off for him insisting we order the "trust me".
  4. The Beverly Hills juice club banana almond ice cream
    A revelation that you can make something that could solve the same need as ice cream but was just bananas and almonds. Everyone does stuff like this now but twenty years ago this was unheard of anywhere but Los Angeles.
  5. The coffee bean and tea leaf ice blended
    The first ice blended anywhere. Pure magic
  6. The Jewish pizza at spago
    This was everything in the 90's. So unique and innovative but the moment you have it it makes perfect sense like why isn't this how we always eat lox?
  7. Okay I'm sure I'll check in with you guys in five seconds I can't stop with the lists.
  8. Crispy Rice with Spicy Tuna at original Katsuya
    Suggested by @davfields
  9. Sushi spot spicy tuna sushi
    Suggested by @alirushfield
  10. Arts deli black and white cookie
    Suggested by @alirushfield
  11. Night and Market Song's pork toro
    Suggested by @alirushfield