Here's just a few of them let me know what you think is the biggest winner. Ps I came up with these in five seconds because I'm an idea person
  1. "Petzzzzs" Uber for pet sleepover rentals
    Say you're in New York and you can't sleep without a chihuahua on your back so you just open the uber pet app and select from a list of available dogs and they deliver it to you and pick it up in the morning? This could really work because there's a lot of people with dogs that aren't crate trained and they would love to get rid of their dogs for the night anyways. SURVEY SAYS: funded
  2. "NowaZe" my Location based crowd sourced excuse app. No way you gonna have to leave your house if you download this app
    What makes excuses work is the back story so it uses your location to make an even better excuse to seal the deal with real time traffic updates. "I can't go because theres a fire on Hollywood boulevard and the streets are closed" is a better excuse than "I can't go". Also, you can share the excuse with your friends or spouse automatically so your excuses are in sync and up to date and now they're in on it so your cover won't get blown.
  3. "Ruuhlax" the app for when you need to chill
    Like you are nervous about something so you give it all the details "I wrote someone an email and they haven't written back" then the app tells you what to do to relax. "Maybe they're really busy ruuuhlax and eat something" I haven't thought through this one but there's money in telling people to ruuuhlax
  4. "Don'tSendThat" the uber app for when you're on the fence about the missile you're about to send
    There are so many shrinks or attorneys or business consultants or whatever that work freelance. What about an app where you can dial up on the spot a shrink or something and you can send them the email first and it's all within the app so no one gets your email or knows who the people involved are and they read the email and they say I don't think you should send that? Funded for sure
  5. "ImDying" the uber app for when your battery about to die
    Just like it sounds. Right when your phones about to die you go to this app and an uber will deliver you a mophie juice pack. It also can be set to automatically send you one without even having to open the app because that's in settings. Funded
  6. Dri fit tuxedo t-shirt
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    I work out in my cotton one all the time but it would be better if it wicked away moisture. Funded