@bjnovak Hmmmmm
  1. Boobs on film, ranked
    I gave this one to Lena and I hope it wasn't a friendship ender.
  2. Spa cookbooks, ranked
  3. Bad things that can happen to you at a boarding school, ranked
  4. Goofy poker hands and how to play them
  5. Diet books/programs, ranked
  6. How to gain the 10 pounds back, ranked
  7. Diets I invented that work
    Just to whet your whistle, one's called The Ravioli Diet
  8. Anything real estate but has to be residential
  9. Maybe just a random brainstorm session that I rank or don't rank?
  10. Who on the lists app I don't know but am already dying to go on a Vegas road trip with, ranked
  11. Cooking hacks so you can make spa meals in 2 minutes that would surprise you and all your guests
  12. Things I said to Jimmy Buffet but wish I hadnt, ranked
  13. Ice cream, ranked
  14. Sodas, ranked
  15. List of things I've bought recently that I loved, but lost before I even got the chance to break them in or got used to.
    Could be ranked or unranked.
  16. The best thing I've eaten, ranked
  17. Food, ranked
  18. Cokes, ranked
  19. Anything century city mall
    Anything century city really.
  20. TV shows I prefer to watch on an iPad because it helps me to focus, ranked
  21. Ginger ale variations I've tried, ranked
  22. Dogs I want
  23. Anything erewhon smoothie bar???
  24. Who on this lists app I think is a dick already, ranked
  25. Mulligans I wish I had on this lists app