Thank you @bjnovak for your request keep em comin'. Here's a look at the most expensive hoods with my homage to an @richardrushfield VF intelligence report.
  1. Beverly Hills Proper North of Sunset
    David Geffen in the Warner estate. Bobby Kotick, Bob Evans, New Yorkers. Who these people are obsessed with: Dr. Khalsa, Sandy Gallin. What they order from postmates: matzoh ball soup from Nate n Als.
  2. Bel Air east gate
    Think a beautiful paul Williams traditonal behind gates that's been knocked down and then built new to look exactly like the house that was knocked down. J-lo, Hayek, Newhart, Eisner, grey, lots of republicans. Who they're obsessed with: the dalai lama; hating on obama. What they get from postmates: the big chill froyo.
  3. Holmby Hills
    The playboy mansion, jimmy iovine, sean fanning in the best house in LA that he bought from Ellen, the spelling mansion, decorator Michael smith. Who they're obsessed with: Elon musk. What they order from Postmates: sushi from asanebo
  4. Bel air west gate
    Elon musk, Eastwood, nobu, aniston. Who they're obsessed with: nobu, . What they order from postmates: hot dog from bel air country club.
  5. Beverly Park
    Interesting fact: you are not allowed to build a home in beverly park for less than 10,000 square feet and they seriously enforce this. Who you might see: Stallone, wahlberg, Eddie Murphy, Indonesian oil refiners, Russian arms dealers. Who they're obsessed with: Harley Pasternak, their hot tennis instructor who they are going to make wife number 9. What they order from postmates: capo
  6. Carbon Beach
    Ellison several times. Geffen. Semel. My favorite story is when Ellison decided he wanted everything on the beach so he had his agent knock on doors and paid people numbers they couldn't refuse to sell like in the movie bugsy. When the agent told me the story he said "even the tomato king had to say yes eventually". Who they're obsessed with: Ellison! What they order from postmates: anything as long as it's not nobu.
  7. Trousdale
    Mid century modern homes with city views. Elton john, Vera wang, ringo star, the minecraft guy who bought the definition of piece of shit house for $70 million in a crazy story. Who they're obsessed with: jay-z, Ellen. What they order from postmates: juice from beaming, Craig's
  8. Malibu Colony
    The guard gated enclave close to the Malibu country mart. Home to John McEnroe. Who they're obsessed with: Laird Hamilton, roger federer. What they get from postmates: coogies egg white scramble
  9. The bird streets
    Just east of Trousdale, north of sunset up doheny. Leo, Keanu, bob Harper. Who they're obsessed with: Leo, Banksy. What they get from postmates: mr. Chow
  10. The Beverly Hills flats
    Between Santa Monica and sunset. Simon cowell. Ryan Murphy. Who they're obsessed with: Gwyneth. What they order from postmates: juice from moon beam in Venice
  11. Okay that's it have a good one this list made me feel weird I'm erasing it soon