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  1. Nate n ALS. This bowl you're looking at is the one that gave me the idea to write this list because I'm eating it right now. It's good for when you're in Beverly Hills and have a cold or depression.
  2. Jerry famous deli. I love this soup. This ones really a meal with the carrots and the bagel chips. Bummer that the one on Beverly closed but that's life. This ones good for when you have a cold or depression and you're starting to get real far west in the valley.
  3. Greenblatts. This ones good because it has a lot of dill in it and it's weird and has the '70's vibes. It's good for when you're on sunset and have a cold or depression.
  4. Factors. This ones good if you have a cold or depression and want to watch a ball game with your matzo ball because they have lots of televisions.
  5. Brent's Deli
    Suggested by   @audrey
  6. Canter's Deli
    So it's a cheat but I get their Mish Mosh soup, which is basically Matzo Ball soup with noodles, rice and kreplach. But even if you go for the plain Matzo Ball it's pretty good. Bonus, it's open 24 hours.
    Suggested by   @eatthelove
  7. Art's
    I know it's technically in the Valley but worth the shlep to Studio City for sure. (Unless you live in the Valley and then good for you for not having to shlep like me.)
    Suggested by   @daniellenuss