I'm obsessed with rewards points. I wouldn't trade them for money because it's a nice hobby for me and it keeps me out of trouble. Here are some of my moves Id love to hear all of yours
  1. Awardwallet.com to track all your points in one place
    It also notifies you when they are about to expire which is a recurring nightmare of mine
  2. They are travel reward experts you pay them a flat fee and they will search for travel using rewards points.
  3. Rewardsnetwork.com
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    This is a free service where you can sign your credit cards up and get extra rewards points for eating at enrolled restaurants. Up to 5x the points so when you combine this with the chase card that's 7x points. And they have an app so you can just use it to find the restaurants.
  4. Only use mileage points for international flight redemption just keep accruing them don't waste them on domestic flights or hotels.
    You can always find cheap hotels but those international flights are incredibly expensive. And in most cases not that much more points than domestic travel.
  5. Amex blue cash preferred
    This is the only cash back card I use and I only use it for supermarkets because these dummies give you 6% cash back on all supermarket purchases. Thats the big boss nothing tops that in the rewards program world.
  6. Amex platinum
    I use this mostly for the fine hotel and resorts program. This program gets you automatic room upgrades, free breakfast, and usually a $100 per day hotel credit when you book hotels through their website. And it's an easy way to find a nice hotel without doing much research. We used this last summer and got a great deal at the Carlyle hotel and let me tell you, that is a hotel. You can keep your Bowery hotel you hipsters. This transfers points into a ton of partner programs.
  7. Amex platinum has tons of added benefits you have to sign up for that off balance the annual fee just check them out on the website.
  8. Chase blue sapphire preferred visa
    You need to have a Visa card there's still a lot of places that don't take Amex. This card lets you transfer points 1:1 to a lot of different airline and hotel programs so you can combine with Amex. Also you get 2x points for every dollar spent at restaurants and on travel.
  9. I'd be embarrassed by all this but I have enough points to travel free first class to Tokyo for three and stay for free for four nights at the same hotel where they filmed Lost in Translation.
  10. I can feel you judging me