I'm gonna write ten thousand books now that I discovered all you gotta do is start with a to do list that is either ranked or unranked. Here's some titles you're gonna love these ones
  1. "Challah!!", Memoirs of My One Week On The Listy When I Was The Fat Jew
    It's been nice knowing you guys
  2. "Hmmmm Let Me Think" Some Thought Provoking List Questions For Newbies
  3. "Just Star It", Learning To Like, Read, And Relist Appropriately In The Information Age
    This is how I get the money because now I'm a social media expert because I'm the beta
  4. "I'm Excited For Me That I'm Just Getting To Know Myself", How The Lists I Wrote About Dogs Helped Me Find The Real Me, by Sai Baba Bronson
  5. "Good Ones, Ranked" The best comebacks from the beta, Edited by Jon Bronson
    Everybody wrote them, but I get all the money because it went down on my wall so I own all the rights now.
  6. "It Wasn't Me I Swear It" More Emails I Wrote To B.J. By @jon
    It's just the one email but it's really a book she's ready to go.