So many of you have been asking so I'll cut to the chase: I lost 12 pounds, my skin is glowing, I feel less moody, and I feel like I broke my sugar addiction on the clean program. I was very strict for 2 months and I've loosened the reigns a wee. I'm basically on a gwynetharian flex plan now. Here's what I ate today
  1. 9:30: I still eat the shakes for breakfast most mornings. When I first started I was making very elaborate shakes but I've toned it down a bit. Now it's usually a packet of chocolate clean with 1/2 cup coconut water, 1/2 cup unsweetened hemp milk, frozen raspberries and some mint.
  2. 2:30: For lunch I had a turkey burger patty with sautéed vegetables at john O'Groats. I sat alone at the counter and really enjoyed it. I'm what they call in the biz "great company".
  3. 6:00: I had brown rice pasta with raos sauce and Goldie's turkey meatballs. I rarely eat tomato sauce anymore but I felt like eating dinner with my daughter without making too much of a fuss.
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  4. 7:00: for dessert I made ice cream out of frozen bananas and topped it with kippys chocolate magic shell and coconut flakes and sea salt.
  5. 9:30: I had a little popcorn with truffle oil and nutritional yeast. It was a bit fussy of a combo but I like to experiment.
  6. That's about it just felt like writing out a list id love to hear from all of you. Looking forward to your comments