Nailed it
  1. Glass bottles of Mexican coke
  2. Can of Minute maid orange juice
  3. Glass bottles of Pellegrino
  4. Cans of Perrier
  5. Glass bottles of mountain valley spring water
  6. Justin dark chocolate peanut butter cups
  7. Small tin of jelly bellys
  8. Small tin of gummy bears
  9. Full size toblerone
  10. Dried apricots
  11. Salty pistachio nuts
  12. Chocolate covered almonds
  13. Very expensive heirloom peanuts from Virginia
  14. Uncle eddies vegan chocolate chip peanut butter cookies
  15. White cheddar heirloom popcorn
  16. potato chips from Maine or someplace like that with a small batch vibe
  17. Terra chips
  18. Peanut brittle
  19. Dots
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    Suggested by @joshthecook