Here's my top 3 would love to hear yours
  1. Your mom
  2. Your mother
  3. Go eat a bowl of fuck
    We have John Belushi to thank for this gem
  4. You are a toilet
    Suggested by @HARKATHON
  5. See this? (Raise index finger) ignore it! (Make peace sign, thereby effectively flipping them off)
    Suggested by @dave
  6. If wearing a hat, "Nice hat" said calmly is somehow always such a sick burn.
    Suggested by @preston
  7. Who asked?
    Suggested by @HARKATHON
  8. New phone who dis
    Obviously best for text/emailing.
    Suggested by @stamos
  9. Calm down
    Suggested by @sophia
  10. Person: What are you, 12? Comeback: Yeah, on a scale from 1-10
    Suggested by @LuvJulia
  11. Your mom goes to college
    Suggested by @vp
  12. relax (calm down alt)
    Suggested by @white_lightning
  13. Go take a bath!
    Good bc it implies that they should gtfo but also take some time for themselves n reflect
    Suggested by @sarahesocoff