Requested by @mkz
Hmmmm let me think @mkz. I made this about leslie I hope that's cool
  1. When I first met leslie she was with Jenni Konner. We were all waiting for our cars at the roxy after seeing a mutual friend in a band perform.
    They were talking about how awful their diet camp experience was. I used it as my opening to tell them how much worse it was for me to have to sit at the diet table at regular camp.
  2. The next day i called my friend Alana not knowing leslie was staying there and she answered the phone!
    We talked for hours. Literally hours. A date was set.
  3. We went to sushi nozawa in the valley when it just hit.
    She was so smart and gorgeous Jesus
  4. And then we saw The First Wives Club opening weekend at a theater in Westwood that's not there anymore
  5. That was 19 years ago