1. We stopped in hakone on our way to Kyoto from Tokyo and went to the open air museum which was incredible!
    In the train there were a bunch of kids Goldie's age. Children here travel on trains by themselves it's perfectly safe.
  2. This is the hakone open air museum
    Beautiful sculptures and grounds and a Picasso pavilion
  3. I don't recommend the ryokan we stayed in in hakone
    It's called the okada. I think it's where people from Tokyo go to smoke cigarettes on the weekends. But it had this hot springs tub in our room.
  4. We ate italian at our hotel the first night in Kyoto
    We stayed at the ritz Carlton it was stupid expensive and i didn't like it. I don't recommend it for the same money try to find a ryokan. But they had an Italian restaurant that was the best pasta I've had in my life. The Italian chef came out and explained that the Japanese philosophy on food is they want the best they don't care how small it has to be and with Americans it's just the opposite. So fun to eat Italian through the Japanese prism and get hot towels and things like that.
  5. There's no tipping here and they are always giving you extras
    The pasta I ordered came with two extra courses. I bought some clothes and they gave me a little backpack as a gift.
  6. Every single food item has been the best version of that thing
    Sorry about my English
  7. I woke up to the news that Prince died
    It was an awful way to wake up for me he was the best musician. So sad.
  8. So nice to walk around and feel perfectly safe in a foreign country
  9. I don't know the names of shrines but we went to this one first
    It doesn't mean they don't register with me. Just not the names.
  10. We got on two trains to get from the temple to this famous garden
    I forget the name sorry if you know the name please share
  11. Then we stopped for lunch and I found soy ice cream!
    I don't eat dairy so I've been stopping everything whenever I see soy ice cream
  12. We walked through the bamboo forest
  13. We hiked up to monkey park
    You get to the top and are surrounded by monkeys!
  14. And you can go into a hut and feed monkeys!
  15. Then we got back on the train and went to an abbreviated tea ceremony
    I was over-served and it took me hours to go to bed.
  16. At night Kyoto looks like a movie set
  17. For breakfast we had bright orange eggs
    Because the chickens are having happy life is how they explained it
  18. Then went to the golden temple.
    Steve jobs favorite place on earth.
  19. That's the golden temple
  20. Then the nishiki market
    There's over 120 Michelin starred restaurants in Kyoto and they all buy from this market. A million stalls and a food lovers dream. They don't like their pictures taken much in Japan you have to ask before snapping so I didn't take pictures but you can be here for hours.
  21. Around the corner from the market was the best men's clothing store I've ever seen.
  22. I didn't buy this shirt
    I loved it but every time you wear something like this I always feel like people are saying he's wearing that shirt again
  23. I bought this sweater though
  24. I've been relying on the google translate app to talk to people
    It helps tremendously
  25. Back to the hotel for a swim
  26. This is a bonsai tree at our hotel
    It has 35 years
  27. The next morning my daughter and i went to Ippodo—one of the oldest and most respected tea shops in Kyoto
  28. They took us to a private tea room and made three different kinds of matchas for me and my daughter ruined this experience by complaining the whole time and begging to go to 7 eleven
    The matcha unicorn for me is to find one that has some natural sweetness to it. I found one here for 20 dollars a tin that would probably cost 70 dollars at home.
  29. The green tea section at the 7 eleven
    Kyoto is the home of green tea and it's everywhere and in everything.
  30. Bullet train back to Tokyo