I'm a tempura fanatic so when I got a solo night here in Tokyo I wanted to try to find a tempura bar. It's like a sushi bar manned by a sushi chef but instead it's a master of tempura. This was a set meal it cost 40 dollars
  1. This was a recommendation of the concierge at the park Hyatt
    This hotel is way overrated by the way.
  2. Happy Passover!
    The guy is right in front of you and shows you in his hand the live food before he fries it. You get used to it.
  3. First course
    The shrimp we just met and it's head and a squid
  4. I don't know what this is but I ate it anyways.
    This is too hardcore for me.
  5. a giant pea pod
    Favorite course alert
  6. Eggplant I think
  7. A course of rice, a vegetable salad, gazpacho shooter, and a miso soup
    Best gazpacho soup I ever had.
  8. You know the miso soup you normally don't eat?
    This one had the tiniest most perfect clams in it.
  9. Giant clam comes right after the tiniest clams.
    No sauce says the chef
  10. I think this is unagi
  11. The finale
    A tempura rock shrimp cake
  12. This restaurant was next door to bic camera
    8 floors of electronics heaven. And sporting goods. Nothing better than burning off calories walking hrough this store after a meal like that.
  13. And beauty products and electronics
    Look at this face toner. It's like a body blade but for your face.
  14. This is an electronic face toner
    I'm buying it tomorrow I needed my passport for Tax free which I didn't have on me the guy did a demo on my arm you can really feel the toning!
  15. Talk soon.