1. There are some people on here I've never heard of and I love their brains
    These lists seem to really let the brains stretch out and omg I like what I see. I have some early faves: This @zoe my goodness. I'm impressed! And @hillarykerr whowhatwhere you pick up a brain like that? Shit. You should make a website for boys you got one reader already in me. @justinemcgregor the list about bjnovaks email omg that was funny. And scary! And @gabimoskowitz' list about doing the little sweet things was so sweet. You seem nice I can't wait to get into a fight with you.
  2. @LevNovak the shit
  3. My grammar and syntax is worse now than when I was in junior high
    And I'm being generous I'm probably at the fourth grade level right now. I'll be damn but the shorthand of email and Tweet tweet and facey and INSTA and Siri and texting has rendered me basically incapable of putting a sentence together. This app feels like a chance to really shine and show everyone how good I am at the writing but Pop Pop has lost the handle and now it's gone baby gone. How to use the they're, there, theirs? Gone am I right or am I right?
  4. I feel like a crazy because I like to write comments and I don't know who anyone is yet.
    Even worse, no one knows who I am!
  5. I've learned more about some of my friends on here in three days than five years on all the other social media apps
    @onlinealison who I thought was my online soulmate, DOESNT LIKE THAI FOOD! I still love her but HOLY SHIT!
  6. I can't stop emailing @bjnovak
    He should make a new one and not give it to me
  7. I made a new friend already I think!