@lenadunham hmmmmm.......jealous huh?
  1. Girl when I make my kale chips you be like GWYNETH WHO???
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  2. These mah almond joy bars I make out of quest bars though
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  3. This my ice cream I make out of coconut milk and bananas and walnuts and dark chocolate.
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  4. In the summer I make big ice cubes with pineapple and mint. I like to be motivated to drink water.
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  5. This my zucchini fettuccine with my sun dried tomato pesto. No big whoop
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  6. This is my almond milk I make with coconut water instead of water and mexican chocolate. Again, this is a GWYNETH WHO??? item
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  7. Life cereal is my hard reset button
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  8. This is just a picture I found in my iPhone of shrimp fried rice I ate like a year ago.
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  9. This is a popsicle I made with my GWYNETH WHO almond milk
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  10. This is my ice cream soda I make out of the soy saffron rose ice cream from the ice cream shop saffron rose on Westwood boulevard. It's the best soy ice cream ever. And I make my own soda water with the machine your Jenni told me about like a lifetime ago. I like a strong bubble. Ps I'm fat
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  11. Ezekiel bread with bananas and peanut butter is just the best. It's the best Lena.
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  12. This is the buttered matcha from erewhon. It has grass fed butter and coconut oil and is supposed to burn fat but who knows? It's really good though and keeps you full forever.
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  13. This is the hearts of palm calamari from crossroads im obsessed with it. It could be a snack I guess.
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  14. Leaving you with my ultimate snack: cold leftover fried rice from Benihana. TO HEDONISM AND SNACKS!
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