You can tell already you're buying all of them don't lie to yourselves
  1. "The 10 Day Supercharged Raviolis Diet" Unlocking Your Fat Burning Potential With The Raviolis by Jon Bronson
    I'm a get all da money with this motherfucker especially since my imaginary agent worked on the title
  2. "I Hate My Vibe I'm Outtie" My Life As A Social Media Early Adopter by Go "hot_tub" Bronson
  3. "I'm Excited For You That You're Just Now Discovering Me" by Jon Bronson
    🎤lovin the sound of it🎤
  4. "Emails I've Written To B.J." by @jon
  5. "Jon Bronson's More Ravioli Recipes" by Jon Bronson
    My imaginary agent says I don't even have to write this one but I still get all the money so I'm working on this first