I love useful apps if you guys see cool lists with apps in them tag me please.
  1. RoomScan is a cool one you touch the wall with your phone and then it directs you around the room and it measures the room and makes floorplans for you. It's insane and works well.
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  2. I use VSCO to put filters on pics. The filters are very well researched to emulate old film stock and they give the photos the pop without much time
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  3. postmates for getting food delivered. It's like uber but for food. My favorite restaurant to order from is true food kitchen in Santa Monica because I love it and I couldn't begin to fathom the hassle it would be to get a to go order from there. Cc @onlinealison hi girl
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  4. The "Language Of Letting Go" app is incredible. It's self help co-dependency anonymous (everyone's co-dependent with something) but it's the good stuff. And the app is really well done and you can favorite your favorites and it makes a folder for you
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  5. Tripit for travel. On the upgraded version you can connect it to your email and it automatically makes an itinerary from your travel confirmation and updates you via sms all your flight status info on the fly so you know what gate you need to get to.
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  6. For all the meditators. This one lets you set up timers with a bunch of really nice bells. Also interval bells. Om.
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  7. For a guided meditation I like "One Breath". You can do this even if you do TM. It's a very simple app made by my friend Alejandro junger who I'm trying to get on this thing he will kill it. There are two guided meditations on it the SENSE one is very cool. One love.
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  8. I love Audible I love books on tape. You probably know this one but whatever now you know I love Audiobooks and we can talk about that now.
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  9. Vivino lets you take a picture of a bottle of wine and it somehow recognizes it and shows you the average price people are paying and has user reviews
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  10. NextIssue is a monthly subscription service for magazines. They have tons of magazines on their and in some magazines it's even more content than in the offline version because they are starting to make a lot of extra content for the digital versions.
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  11. The directtv app lets you record stuff and set up your DVR on the fly
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  12. ILatteart lets you take a photo and makes a latte out of it. This is the fun one I promised in the title. Cc @onlinealison @sophia @joanaavillez
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  13. I have a shit ton more but felt like stopping here
  15. Invitempt iTunes.com/app/Invitempt for iPad let's you make invitations/posters/cards with any graphic off the internet #DIY
    Suggested by @notme