I love KITSON leave me be
  1. Thought provoking questions but shaped like poker chips. Could be fun when the tv is broken or something?
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  2. I don't drink much at home but I'll put juice in it.
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  3. This is how I feel!
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  4. Read a couple pages and it had good advice
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  5. Brass knuckle coffee mug
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  6. this bathing suit is just sitting at KITSON when it could be with me
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  7. Cool overnight bag. Mahalo.
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  8. I can pull this off on account of my big personality.
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  9. Fun hoodie
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  10. 18 tools I can hurt myself with and its the size of a credit card. Plus it's been on TV
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  11. Sonic silicone face brush. This I want the most.
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  12. Shark puzzle for me and Goldie
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  13. Okay that's it have a good one.