I love KITSON leave me be
  1. Thought provoking questions but shaped like poker chips. Could be fun when the tv is broken or something?
  2. I don't drink much at home but I'll put juice in it.
  3. This is how I feel!
  4. Read a couple pages and it had good advice
  5. Brass knuckle coffee mug
  6. this bathing suit is just sitting at KITSON when it could be with me
  7. Cool overnight bag. Mahalo.
  8. I can pull this off on account of my big personality.
  9. Fun hoodie
  10. 18 tools I can hurt myself with and its the size of a credit card. Plus it's been on TV
  11. Sonic silicone face brush. This I want the most.
  12. Shark puzzle for me and Goldie
  13. Okay that's it have a good one.