@lenadunham hmmmmm let me think
  1. I went to the Chabad house with my fiancé leslie and her parents
    I was 27. I didn't have one when I was a kid because I didn't like going to them so I took a pass. I'm what you call an OG party pooper.
  2. We bar mitzvahed
    I got real emotional and bawled. You usually know when you might have a cry but this cry came from the middle of nowhere. The whole thing took about ten minutes tops which was fantastic.
  3. We left the Chabad house
  4. We went to the falafel king
    Because I got to choose.
  5. I got pens
    A very cool tradition when you think about it
  6. I went home and leslie and I had sex
    Because how many people get to have a bar mitzvah and a fuck in the same day?
  7. We went to the movies
  8. The end