So you want to really show your Jewish, or you want to really show you're not that into being Jewish. Don't sweat it just buy the right dog and let them do all the talking for you!
  1. Show all the Jews in your neighborhood that you'll be keeping the sabbath with one of these pug cuties.
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  2. Or downplay your heritage with this shiksa Labrador
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  3. This corgi can go either way. I feel like they can play waspy or jew-y?
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  4. Use this hypo allergenic soft coated wheaten terrier to help you accentuate your Jewishness
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  5. Or slenderize your Jewishness with a greyhound puppy
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  6. Say it loud, "I'm reform and I'm proud" with this poodle. Especially if you name it Bette or Barbra.
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  7. This vizsla dog can hunt. And you can't because you're Jewish. But no one needs to know the difference when you own one of these fellas.
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  8. Jew it up with a bichon
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  9. Or jew it down with the least Jewish dog ever created.
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  10. The choice is yours!