Inspired by @sophia
  1. Matcha lattes
    I covered this on another list but I wanna be the expert on this subject while it's still new to the Americas. Coffee shops should have to call on me to test their matcha lattes.
  2. The Instagram account @matchacreations
    Are you kidding me with this noise?????
  3. The maca me nuts smoothie at clover on la brea
    I have all the same ingredients at home and I try to recreate it but it's impossible.
  4. The holiday smoothie at beaming
    It's the persimmons that makes it.
  5. Recreating the petit trois omelette
    Perfecting this took over my body for a week or two.
  6. The keep cup
    It's a great shape something about starting your drink around the house and then putting the top on appeals to me.
  7. Kite hill vegan chive cream cheese
    I'm an east coast Jewish transplant and can't tell the difference between this and the real deal. Incredible!
  8. Rise nation on la brea
    Covered this on another list but worth mentioning again. It's like a harder version of spinning and no saddle!
    I'm already hooked on this kook bring it!
  10. Gap t-shirts
    I wanted to like American apparel because they are made here but these fit me better so there you have it.
  11. Getting all my stuff ready the night before
    I spend the whole night getting ready for the next day and now I enjoy a stress free life
  12. Waking up super early to workout
    Getting it out of the way is the way if you're half asleep it's better
  13. What things are you into that you forgot to write on @sophia 's list?