1. Beats1
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    Sure Apple music has a few kinks to work out but don't we all? Their beats1 radio station is the most perfectly curated music channel ever. I'm flipping out over it hi @samantharonson you're amazing.
  2. The josh rosebrook skincare line
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    Is crazy expensive but it's made exclusively out of nature stuff and that's important to me for some reason.
  3. I love dr bronners and this shaving cream is cheap and awesome. Not a big fan of the toothpaste though.
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  4. I almost gave up on hippie deodorants altogether because none of them seemed to do anything and then I stumbled on this gem at whole foods and now I swear by it.
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  5. The new converse chuck Taylor looks like the old one thank god but have better canvas and Nike lunarlon cushioning and are way more comfortable.
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  6. The lekue egg poacher costs ten bucks and makes poached eggs in 40 seconds in a microwave and they come out perfectly. here's the link trust me on this one http://amzn.to/1iT1hX1
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  7. I discovered dr schulze on the recommendation of @ale and now I swear by these cold and flu shots which I think cut a cold in half. They taste like a dare and I have to get myself psyched to drink one but I'm telling you they work.
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  8. These little packets are tasteless and turn a glass of water into a probiotic powerhouse. I buy them at whole foods.
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  9. My shrink has been trying to get me to read this thing for years and ill be damn he was right I am feeling so good you guys.
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  10. The keysmart keychain turns your mess of keys into a neatly organized Swiss Army knife situation.
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  11. Fill this hydro flask water bottle up in the morning and it manages to keep the water cold all day. If I don't have my water at the right temp I won't drink it so I'm way into this one.
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  12. See you nerds at the trending tab!