1. Seeing erewhon become an all day resort destination.
    I'm planning on being there all day today myself and I'm psyched about it.
  2. Hearing more people talking about earthquakes
  3. Seeing a lot more women in burkas at the mall
  4. Hearing more people tell other people how long they've been meditating
  5. Seeing more labradoodles
    Lovin' it
  6. Hearing more people talk about this steak restaurant on pico run by the japanese guy that's impossible to get in to but the guy is cool once you're in.
  7. Seeing less places where it's cool to park
    Am I hallucinating or are meters being replaced with you can't park here ever signs?
  8. Hearing more people say the soho house is impossible to get in to
    could just be me though :(
  9. Seeing more bread being eaten at the restaurants
  10. Hearing more people talk about topanga
  11. Seeing more people at Runyon
    We should stop calling it Runyon and give it the proper freeway name it deserves like the 114 or something
  12. Hearing less talk about pot
    I feel like a year ago it was talked about and debated more and now it's just being smoked more by the potheads and forgotten about by everyone else. Unless it's a concert and then it's game on. it used to be cypress hill or phish that got all the stoners and now everyone's got all the stoners. Rod Stewart? He gets all the stoners. Same with every other touring act.
  13. Seeing more man buns.
    A truly awful development