I guess I'm a basic bitch too.
  1. All my new friends on LISTY
    Truly its been lovely meeting all of you and getting to know my old friends even better so thank you for including me.
  2. The new drake record
    I'm just afraid he's gonna get so rich selling us coconut water or vodka or blunt wrappers that he's gonna start to lose his edge and im worried its not gonna last.
  3. That the clippers tied it up with the Spurs and now we're right back in this bish
    I need the clippers to win or its gonna send me into a downward spiral
  4. That my daughter goldie is obsessed with Harry Potter right now and wants to tell me everything she knows about it all day.
    It's adorable.
  5. Rumer & Val on DWTS
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    I don't know how I got into this but I am very invested now they're wonderful together and she should be a star she's terrific.
  6. This fisher ballpoint space pen
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    Writes like a dream. Treat yo self!
  7. That my friend @joshthecook is doing so well with his wine cooler, hoxie.
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    I've been with him every step of the way and im so happy for him that his dream is becoming his reality. You can buy it now at Joan's on third, the silver lake wine shop, huckleberry, it's on the menu at milo & olive, and many other important food spots and now everyone's jumping on board. It's very exciting and it couldn't have happened to a better person.
  8. Infrared saunas
    I booked an hour in one on @ale s recommendation and had the best night of sleep of my life. It's like taking a happy pill.
  9. My Clean texting thread with my squad
    This texting thread im on with @jennikonner, @esther and @sophia is keeping me laughing all day. I seriously love them I need this text chain in my life right now. And @ale has been so helpful when we bring him questions.
  10. That I learned how to "name" a texting thread
    If you go to details at the upper right you can name your group texts. Helpful for when you are sending photos to it and to keep a group text going and also fun to be the one who comes up with the funny name.
  11. The clean program in general
    I haven't cheated once. I've had a little extra food but I haven't cheated. I feel so much healthier I like knowing that I'm taking care of myself. It's also like a game to me to find food I like that fits into the program. And I have picked up a few positive habits that I know I'm going to take with me:
  12. Having a shake for dinner.
    I've discovered its an easy way to have a healthy weeknight meal without all the drama and takes about two days to adjust to.
  13. Fasting for 12 hours between dinner and breakfast the next day.
    It makes perfect sense to me now to give your system a break. It's easy to do and I feel so much better for giving my body a chance to digest everything before I start eating again. I'm keeping this up.
  14. All the new foods I've discovered or learned to make since starting this clean program:
  15. Cashew butter
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    Never knew about it, now can't live without it its delicious. Great from a spoon and amazing in smoothies.
  16. I don't know what coconut manna is still but its a superfood! Also great in smoothies
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  17. These raw chocolate truffles from the bio glow smoothie bar on MELROSE that I know now I can only have one not the whole thing
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    This Kimberly Snyder is terrific what a smoothie bar
  18. These raw dehydrated onion rings
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    Total game changer they're like Funyuns but not bad for you. Give them a chance you guys!
  19. This nutritional yeast which you can sub out for parmesan in most recipes is amazing
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  20. This unsweetened vanilla hemp milk which is better in a smoothie than almond milk for me.
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  21. This brown rice salmon quesadilla with shallots and chickpea miso almond spread.
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    So easy and the perfect lunch. Also I've never tried canned salmon and I thought it would gross me out but it's fine.
  22. Okay that's it what new things are giving you life?