1. Gross billboards
    When I take my kid to school in the morning every billboard on sunset is like a visual assault. It's either half naked people or gory movie posters with blood on them. There should be some standards I have a kid in the car.
  2. The sugarfish obsession.
    Admirable that he took the fine art of sushi and turned it into something with conveyor belt efficiency but it leaves me feeling a bit cold.
  3. The Arclight
    The dome is cool but you call that popcorn? The landmark on the Westside kills it. Plus I'll take grandparents over hipsters all day long.
  4. The rose bowl
    Worst concert venue of all time and the whole time I'm there im stressing over whether I'll find my car on the golf course or not.
  5. Marnie the dog on INSTA
    I don't like the way her human is running the floor right now. Stop taking her to movie junkets and let her stay home she looks exhausted
  6. Secret menus
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    I don't mind real secret menus, like the in-n-out secret menu. But it's not a secret menu if you write "ask us about our secret menu!" in chalk all over the place. See attached
  7. The craft beer movement
    Is the beer nice and hoppy for you? Ruhlax it's not like it's something important like soda or anything.