Hmmmm let me think AND THANKS FOR THE LIST REQUEST @GargiBera
  1. Hu chocolate bars
    This was a recommendation from my new best friend @shiraRD these chocolate bars are vegan and sweetened with coconut sugar and they are incredible! Here they are having a time out in my K safe. You have to order them online as they are nyc only. Worth seeking out.
  2. Fisher telescoping space pen
    Keep a pen in your pocket and good things will happen for you. I was talking to my shrink about this it uses a different part of your brain when you write something down on paper as opposed to typing into your smart phone. It might be just the ticket if you are are in a rut to switch to paper for awhile I did this a year ago and haven't looked back. I love space pens and this model collapses so you don't even know you're carrying it.
  3. Eagtac mini flashlight
    This is not a simple flashlight. I found it at the store OK on third street it is wicked tiny and will light up a dark alley and turn it into the Las Vegas strip. We use it all the time at our house the difference between this beast and a regular flashlight is night and day.
  4. A modern way to eat by anna jones
    This is a vegetarian cookbook and it is so straight forward and accessible and smart that I gave it my cookbook of the year award last year that no one asked me for. The end result looks complicated but the ingredient lists are manageable I say give it a go.
  5. Bucha KOMBUCHAS
    Kind of hard to find but even my wife @LeslieGrossman the dedicated Diet Coke monster loves them. She loves the Hu bars also by he way. They sell them at Bristol farms.
  6. Captains of crush hand grippers
    I was listening to the tim ferris podcast he was interviewing pavel tatsouline (sp) he's the famous strength coach who brought kettle bells to America. He asked him for his top strength "hack" and he said you can only be as strong as your hands. If you strengthen your grip it strengthens everything. He recommends these grippers you have to watch the video from the manufacturer to find out which model you need. You get your max effort and divide by 2 and keep them lying around and do that all day
  7. Hope you enjoy this weeks recommendations! May your hands grow nice and strong like a bull!