Here are some fun pictures of my other dog George.
  1. This was the first day we got him. He is a good looking dog and is all street. You can just tell he was on the streets because he's scrappy.
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  2. This is all George cares about is this ball.
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  3. This is right when he walked into a combination of Pippy's punches. It was hysterical.
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  4. He's a dead ringer for the star of "Feast" which one the OSCAR for the best animated short
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  5. This was when he and pippy starred in the dog version of A Star Is Born in my mind
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  6. I made a ceramic version of him it's a dead ringer.
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  7. Here's another one of them fighting. PIPPY always wins because I break it up if George starts to pull away with it.
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