Thank you for your request @johnnyartpants! Here are some areas/hoods I think have some upside still even though everything is expensive. Okay talk soon bye
  1. The southern portion of Westwood/century city
    You can find a fixer here for 1.3 which I think is a steal. Here's why: great school systems, there's going to be a subway station at the corner of constellation and avenue of the stars, EATALY IS COMING TO THE CENTURY CITY MALL @onlinealison and Westfield is moving their headquarters here. What's all this mean? That this is a way better value in my opinion than beverly grove where fixers are selling for even more. Plus celebrities like john lithgow and Jon bronson live here!
  2. Mar vista
    Bungalow fixer for 1.1. Close to the beach. Great for families.
  3. Playa vista
    Tons of new construction. New shopping center with a whole foods! Google is building a campus here with 6000 new employees coming in so get in now. You can buy something for $1mm.
  4. Culver city
    Very cool place to live. Ocean breezes. Good restaurants. Close to a lot of lesser known parks and fun outdoorsy places. Some very big lots and expensive homes but you can get in for just under a million.
  5. Sherman oaks south of Ventura
    Kind of very similar to studio city for me but you can get in for less. Very nice tree lined streets. Good for families. Close to Stanley's
  6. Highland park
    Still some value here. We did a lot of cool neighborhood stuff on my website heres a link you can spend 5 hours with fellow lister and author liana maeby in highland park to get the vibe SORRY LIANA IM NOT TAGGING YOU IF YOU HATED THIS:
  7. Pico-Robertson
    Not hip but I love this area. It's LA's old school Jewish brooklyn. I did a deal here it was like selling a house in Jerusalem. Very close to the schul and mostly orthodox so this area will always hold its value. Plus it has so many of my favorite restaurants like mexikosher! Here's a story we did with LA magazine editor Elina Shatkin:
  8. The land side of Malibu
    This ones my knuckleball. You can find a beautiful home here close to parks, with views, and good elementary schools (I'm told) for low 2's. Sounds like a lot I know but it would cost you 2x in town at least.