UCLA, tons of hole in the wall ethnic restaurants, great movie theaters, zero hip factor, the century city mall, and not much else in this little underrated slice of heaven known as Westwood
  1. Sunset canyon swimming pool at UCLA
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    The Olympic sized pool of your dreams. Pristine and the perfect temperature. Anyone can use it you just have to become a member of the UCLA alumni which anyone can join its like 100 dollars and then the pool has a three month summer package. This is a hidden la gem.
  2. Drake stadium at UCLA
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    Run through the 6 with your woes at the drake stadium. I got in the best shape of my life here I was hitting these stairs like five days a week. I can't even look at them now but don't let that stop you
  3. Holmby park
    A walking track, kids play area, bocce ball, and a little golf course set in probably the most expensive neighborhood in LA.
  4. Rancho Park golf course
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    I consider this part of westwood. It takes forever to play, it's in terrible shape, but getting put in a game with a couple other random Angelenos is a quintessential LA experience. Also the coffee shop is a throwback like out of a Tarantino movie and has a perfectly good pastrami sandwich.
  5. The geffen playhouse
    Is so tiny when you score tickets to a hot show here you feel so important. And If you got tickets to see Ricky Jay here, you are important.
  6. Westwood has some historic movie theaters the fox, the regent and the crest. I'm more of a contemporary movie theater guy because I have needs so I'll let @richardrushfield write about these.
  7. Bel air camera
    A distant second to Samys but still a great camera shop.
  8. Flax pen to paper
    One helluva pen and stationary shop
  9. Ralph's
    This is the largest Ralph's supermarket in california I guarantee you've never seen a market like this. You won't believe how many flavors of coffee mate exist in the world until you come to this market.
  10. Profeta
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    A very serious independent coffee shop with a beautiful shaded courtyard. This is our answer to coffee intelligentsia. You will definitely see @richardrushfield and family
  11. Stans donuts
    Fantastic classic donuts in the heart of Westwood village.
  12. The falafel king
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    The best falafel and chicken shawarma anywhere that you get with a few fried zucchini chips that are heaven on top and an orangina. It doesn't get better than this.
  13. Napa valley grill
    Not hip at all but good food. Maybe for like a lunch meeting with your accountant?
  14. 800 degrees
    Delicious pizzas that cook in the blazing hot oven in like three minutes.
  15. Fat sals
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    Huge sandwiches like you've never seen before with French fries in them and things like that. Fun for catering a ball game.
  16. Fresh corn grill
    The tostada salad is postmates worthy
  17. Attari
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    The Persian sandwich shop that is on every serious foodies short list. The bread is perfect and there's some kind of lemony thing that happens that you will think about when you're back in New York.
  18. Saffron and Rose ice cream
    Right around the corner from Attari. This ice cream destroys mashti Malones it's not even a fair fight. The soy saffron and rose ice cream is 💯
  19. Wallys sandwich shop
    Perfect sandwiches and foodstuffs that you get for to go or eat outside on their plastic picnic tables after your shrink appointment and have yourself a think. Also next to the famous wallys wine shop.
  20. Fundamental la
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    Westwoods farm to table to post that pic to INSTA spot.
  21. Sunnin
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    For the lentil soup and the hummus and kabobs. Also to take your out of town guests to the spot where they filmed the curb your enthusiasm Palestinian chicken episode.
  22. Feast From The East
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    The Chinese chicken salad is right up there. Also the fried wings define trigger food
  23. La serenata
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    The best Mexican food for real. We might have just crept into west La with this pick.
  24. Eduardo's border grill
    A mom and pop Baja Fresh that's cash only. I love all cash only restaurants you can't go wrong.
  25. Emporium Thai Cuisine
    Owned by the same family as Jitlada but I think they're not on speaking terms there's some sort of family drama. It used to be empty and is now starting to get packed. They created a 1-10 spicy scale and I love spicy food and maxed out at level 4.
  26. Ramayani
    Indonesian restaurant that top chef contestant Edward Lee calls one of his favorite hole in the wall restaurants anywhere.
  28. Westside Tavern
    Really good market driven food like a peach, arugula and burrata pizzette (I just made this up but they have stuff like this) on the lower floor of the same building as the landmark theater so this and a movie is the perfect one-two punch.
  29. Landmark theaters
    The Westwood version of the arclight. The best concessions of any theater in LA with all the fancy food stuffs like cool haus ice cream sandwiches. The dream date for you and your grandma to see a merchant ivory movie the bubbes love it here.
  30. Ipic theater
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    One of those new movie theaters where they have seats like a first class cabin on Qantas and im not exaggerating. Each seat gets an iPad where you can order pomegranate margaritas and a perfect barbecue chicken pizza. I absolutely love it I love luxury but you definitely get distracted from the movie task at hand.
  31. The Bigg chill
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    The pride of Westwood. Read this terrific article by my dear friend Nicole Laporte in the New York Times to fully appreciate what might be the most important yogurt shop in America: http://nyti.ms/1GNn7Td
  32. Baskin-Robbins
    You never forget the best.
  33. Clementine
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    A neighborhood cafe right out of a nancy meyers movie with amazing baked goods, salads, and sandwiches. A mob scene at lunch but great for breakfast or at an odd hour like if you need to calm yourself down with a cookie or a caprese sandwich after your audition at Fox where they made you walk two miles and it was a hundred degrees outside and the security guards were mean to you.
  34. John O'Groats
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    The best biscuits ever. Also fish and chips. Such a great restaurant and a perfect counter that will make you feel like you're on the set of My Three Sons. The Tostada Marie is the dream lunch THEY MAKE A TORTILLA OUT OF THE BISCUITS: "The biscuit dough tortilla is topped with black beans, home fries, chopped Gardenburger, fresh spinach, salsa and shredded cheddar cheese"
  35. The Apple Pan
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    Quality forever at this throwback lunch counter that is unchanged from the 40's.
  36. Hinoki and the Bird
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    Chic (but still unhip) japanese restaurant with a gorgeous outdoor patio. The signature cod dish comes with a sheet of wood that is smoking for sexy
  37. Craft
    It's a little fancy for me, but the bar has outdoor seating and its own menu that is less fussy
  38. The Century City Mall
    Is just the best. It centers me. I live across the street and I absolutely love it. Some underrated restaurants: If Gulfstream wasn't in the mall it would be known as one of the best seafood restaurants in LA. Obika is a chain of italian restaurants from Italy with perfect pastas and pizzas and a mozzarella bar. And Rock Sugar is fusion Asian food which is my favorite type of food ever and the chef worked at all the fancy nyc jean Georges spots.
  39. What we desperately need:
    Trendy fitness studios, some parking, more juice shops