Fuck it im in
  1. For breakfast I made a clean smoothie
    Vanilla clean powder, half cup of unsweetened hemp milk, half cup of coconut water, tablespoon of cashew butter, cardamom and about half a cup of mangoes and two drops of stevia
  2. Then we went to our charity event milk and bookies
    They have the best kids picnic lunches with mini bagels with the cream cheese already on them so they're nice and squishy like I Iike them but all I ate was the carrots and an apple.
  3. When I got home I wrapped roasted chicken with vegan Caesar salad dressing in a brown rice tortilla.
    The tortilla has a weird texture its kind of like cardboard I'm not really into it.
  4. For dinner I made a shake
    Chocolate powder (it's really mostly brown rice protein powder I think), extra tablespoon of raw chocolate powder, unsweetened hemp milk and coconut water, frozen peaches and cherries
  5. After dinner I took a couple handfuls of pistachios and toasted them in a pan and ate them as a snack while my daughter painted my face to look like a vampire with face paint while wearing headphones listening to music and every five seconds yelling in my face "this looks really good and scary"
  6. Okay sorry this is boring for everyone thanks for being supportive. I haven't had sugar, or grains or night shades in a week love you all